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What's New?
New PeerSpirit Product:
The Circle Way Learning Map

Read the July 2014 Circle Tale:
Nebraska to the Netherlands

Books by Christina Baldwin
and Ann Linnea
Books by Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea
The Circle Way: A Leader in Every Chair
Keepers of the Trees
The Seven Whispers
Deep Water Passage
Life's Companion
Calling the Circle
Teaching Kids to Love the Earth
A Journey Through the
    Maxwelton Watershed

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Basic Circle Guidelines (English)
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Basic Circle Guidelines (Spanish)
Basic Circle Guidelines (French)
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Basic Circle Guidelines (Swedish)
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Basic Circle Guidelines (Finnish)
Basic Circle Guidelines (Italian)
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Meeting a Tree
Be a Storycatcher
Storycatcher Discussion Guide
Seven Whispers Discussion Guide

The Circle Way by Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea2014 - Advanced Circle Training Continues...

In 2010, Ann Linnea and Christina Baldwin released their legacy book, The Circle Way, A Leader in Every Chair. Starting in 2011, PeerSpirit began offering two levels of circle training for practitioners of participatory leadership:

  • The Circle Practicum provides foundational skills and practice for facilitators wishing to add circle to their group process capacities.

  • In high demand! Advanced Circle Practice focuses on challenges and sustainability for collaborative conversation for facilitators already hosting circles in organizational settings.


Components of Circle Videos Available

Calling the Circle Foundation is funding the Circle Carriers Legacy Project, which features Ann and Christina. We are delighted to showcase the first video in the series - the 3-part "Components of Circle" video:

Circle Way Part 1: Click to Play Circle Way Part 2: Click to Play Circle Way Part 3: Click to Play

This video is divided into three segments; click an icon to watch that segment. To move from one segment to the next, just close its window and click the icon for the next.

Consulting & Conferences
Christina, Ann and PeerSpirit colleagues help people and organizations host conversations that lead to thoughtful change. They are also dynamic keynote and conference presenters.
Writing Workshops
Christina's legacy seminar, "The Self as the Source of the Story" is complemented by workshops on journal writing, spirituality, and writing in nature (co-taught with Ann).
Christina and Ann offer coaching
and direction for people exploring their facilitation skills, writing, life transitions, spirituality, or relationship with nature.
Wilderness Quests
Ann guides people into the magic that occurs in nature. PeerSpirit offers Cascadia Quest for men and women in the beautiful forested lands of the eastern Cascade Mountains.
Circle Training
Circle Practica invite people to learn or strengthen PeerSpirit circle facilitation skills. We also provide private circle training for client organizations and sponsoring groups.
Books & Gifts
Click here to purchase all Baldwin and Linnea titles, PeerSpirit booklet publications, and related gifts.
Story is a map: we lay out a path in words then follow the story-line. PeerSpirit integrates story into our work through seminars, speeches, and in-depth organizational exploration on how story shapes collective experience.
We invite you to peruse a list of Friends of PeerSpirit and to download Basic Circle Guidelines, book study guides, recent essays, podcasts and video clips.